Salsa/Bachata Dance Class!





Today was an awesome day! After our cultural classes, we went to a dance studio close to our school to take a dance class of Bachata and Salsa. We met our instructors, who were super upbeat and positive. They made us excited to start the class with fast paced warm ups. The class was awesome and the teachers were super hands on and started slow for us. They showed us basic salsa steps and worked them into a basic salsa partner step. We performed the step at the end of class and had set it up so that everyone could have a chance to perform! After learning the salsa step, we learned a little bit of the Bachata. The Bachata is much slower and more romantic than the Salsa dance. The Bachata is much easier than Salsa, but is still a lot of fun to learn! We took some pictures and goofed around a little bit after the class and Luís had brought us some snacks and water which were refreshing after dancing in the hot and sweaty dance studio for so long. After everyone was off the dance floor, the teachers performed their own salsa dance for us which was very advanced and beautiful! Although the step we learned wasn’t exactly as advanced as theirs, we still had a great time learning what we did! Even the most simple salsa steps are pretty difficult but everyone was a great sport and pulled it off really well! After the dance class, we returned back to the school to return home after a very long day of learning. Here is a picture of us after our experiences from our class!                                                                                                                                                  IMG_4320



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  1. Patricia Connolly

    How appropriate that Kate’s post would be about the dance class!

  2. Dance class was awesome

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