Amber and Chocolate :)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Week 2 is almost finished! Today we had class from the usual 9 to 4, with the usual honking and music in the background playing outside in the every day DR culture. Today we went to visit two different places. First we visited the Amber museum. This was so cool! We went in to find some of the most beautiful pieces of amber ever made. We were given a tour, and watched a short documentary on where amber comes from. Did you know insects help create this beautiful material?! It was very interesting and they were selling pieces of amber jewelry there as well.


The next place we visited was the chocolate museum. It was interesting to see the different kinds of chocolate they had there, along with being able to taste test them 🙂


Other than that, most of the days we have soaking up the sun during our breaks. The school has beautiful back yard that the students love to hang out in!


I can’t believe the trip is going by so fast!


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  1. Great day, so cool to find out how amber was made!

  2. this day was hilarious! we were able to watch a video about all of the production of amber and full detail of how it is done. Not to mention a fabulous canadian accent to entertain all of us.

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